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Student of the Year 2 (2019)

Student of the Year 2 (2019)

Student of the Year 2 (2019) Movie Details:

Genre Drama | Romance | Sport

Starring – Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday, Tara Sutaria

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Language– Hindi

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StoryLine- .A student must face off against bullies and overcome hurdles, both academic and romantic, to win his college’s coveted Student of the Year trophy.

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Movie Plot: .Rohan Sachdev is a middle class student of the Pishorilal Chamandas College in Mussoorie. His relationship with former classmate and childhood sweetheart Mridula Chawla is affected when Mridula transfers to St. Teresa’s High School, a college in Dehradun for the wealthy and privileged. Rohan is unable to afford their fees and is left back, but vows to make his cut. To be together with Mridula, he applies for a scholarship under the sports quota in the college and manages to gain admission. Meanwhile, Mridula has changed her identity and rechristened herself as Mia Chawla to fit in with others at her new college. Upon meeting Rohan, she initially stays away from him because of his relatively inferior spark, but they soon begin a relationship again, after Rohan starts being recognized as a sportsman. Rohan is introduced to Manav Singh Randhawa, a rich and affluent student and two-time winner of the Student of the Year Cup. The two become quick friends, but Rohan remains at loggerheads with Manav’s sister Shreya Randhawa, who appears to be a spoilt brat and detests him, often playing pranks on him that cause him trouble. Manav organizes a superhero-themed birthday party for his friends where Rohan and Mia are invited, but a prank by Shreya results in Rohan’s friends from Pishorilal Chamandas getting insulted and beaten, only for them to disown Rohan, who realizes that the prank was Shreya’s brainchild. Friction between the two reaches an alarming height when Shreya sprays Rohan’s bicycle all-pink as he had used her parking space. A private meeting in Principal Gujral’s office is called for, and Shreya’s father, college chief trustee Sukesh Randhawa, reprimands Shreya, and promises Rohan a compensation for the damage. Rohan tries to convince her for a healthy friendship, but she rebuffs his proposal. The college, meanwhile, announces a dance competition, where Rohan and Mia are set up against Manav and Shreya. Mia wishes to win the contest and attain popularity, while Shreya wants to convince Sukesh of her skills in dance and enroll in a dance school in London. Manav and Shreya win the contest after Mia falters during a step. When Rohan goes to console Mia, he instead finds her getting intimate with Manav, and realises that Manav, knowing Mia had a crush on him, had planted her to spoil Rohan’s performance since he saw him as a threat to his image. Rohan punches Manav, and is expelled from St. Teresa’s. Before leaving the campus, Manav and his gang attack Rohan and beat him vigorously, throwing him out of the campus gate unconscious. Initially finding himself struggling to deal with what he sees as Mia’s betrayal, he goes back and challenges Manav saying he, and not Manav, will be winning the Student of the Year trophy in 2019. Rohan then returns back to Pishorilal Chamandas, where his old friends treat him with coldness and contempt. Shreya, who is impressed by Rohan’s sincerity, convinces his friends to warm up to him, falling in love with him in the process after he helps her win a local dance competition and drops about her house to tell Sukesh that he should be proud of his daughter. Shreya reveals to Rohan that her mother’s sudden demise upon her birth led Sukesh and Manav to consider her an ill omen for the house. At this point, Manav has already found out about Rohan and Shreya and tells the latter to refrain from meeting the former, misinterpreting Rohan’s company with her as a sign of revenge, but she rebukes him. Rohan continues to avoid Mia despite her efforts to talk to him. However, a day after the local dance competition which he has helped Shreya win, Rohan finds Mia at his doorstep while hanging out with Shreya, and all three of them find out that a love triangle has taken them up when Mia reveals that she sent unattended letters to Rohan upon realizing that Manav was a cheater. Although she initially thinks Rohan and Mia would get back together, Rohan confirms to Shreya his genuine love for her through a warm, affectionate hug just as she is about to leave a hospital after she visits Rohan’s rival Abhishek, who is left severely wounded after Manav beats him and Rohan’s other classmates black and blue when a fight breaks out between the two student factions for Manav’s retaliation to the comments thrown at him during the inauguration of the 29th Annual Inter-College Dignity Cup, an inter-college competition, where Pishorilal has been finishing at the bottom of the chart for the past few years. Mia realizes that she has lost Rohan for good. Abhishek then makes amends and peace with Rohan, and they decide to fight back as a team when the former realizes that the latter risked himself nearly in the fight. Rohan and his teammates train hard to win the Dignity Cup, and Pishorilal Chamandas begins climbing up the score chart, getting a close second to St. Teresa’s. Meanwhile, a saddened Mia hangs out with Rohan one night, when he tells her that he won’t repeat a mistake he made while imagining their relationship, which was to assume her as his only goal in life. Mia leaves, dejected, but is fully satisfied and happy for Rohan and his newfound purpose in life, as she doesn’t return to Manav. On the eve of the finale between St. Teresa’s and Pishorilal Chamandas, an anxious Rohan proposes to Shreya, who accepts his love, and encourages him to fight for the right. Even though Manav and his teammates engage in foul play to rule out Rohan’s team, he single-handedly takes them down after a bonus chance, gaining two extra points ahead of the rivals. Finally, all-time winner St.Teresa’s loses the Dignity Cup for the first time, with Manav contemplating his loss to Rohan, who gains victory as he holds the trophy high up in his hand.[Wikipedia]

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