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The Banana Splits Movie (2019)

The Banana Splits Movie (2019)

The Banana Splits Movie (2019) Movie Details:

Genre Comedy | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring –  Dani Kind, Steve Lund, Celina Martin

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Language– English

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StoryLine- .A boy named Harley and his family (brother Austin, mother Beth, and step-father Mitch) attends a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, which is supposed to be a fun-filled birthday for young Harley and business as usual for Rebecca, the producer of the series. But things take an unexpected turn — and the body count quickly rises. Can Harley, his mom and their new pals safely escape?

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Movie Plot: .Harley Williams is a huge fan of The Banana Splits, a successful children’s television series featuring four animatronic characters — Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky — along with their human co-star Stevie. On his birthday, Harley’s mother Beth and his stepfather Mitch take him to a live taping of the show at Taft Studios with his brother Austin and his classmate Zoe. Arriving, the family meets the show’s hostess Paige and her assistant Doug, fan couple Thadd and Poppy, aspiring young performer Parker with her father Jonathan, and security guard Sal. As the taping is getting ready, the studio’s new vice president of programming Andy informs the show’s producer Rebecca that he is cancelling the show after the recording. The Banana Splits’ new software updates malfunctions upon learning this, with Bingo kidnapping Andy while Drooper thrusts a prop lollipop down Stevie’s throat, killing him. Outside the studio, Beth learns Mitch is cheating on her. As she returns to the studio, Mitch finds Sal’s decapitated corpse and is then chased and run over by Snorky. Meanwhile, Poppy accepts Thadd’s marriage proposal while blogging the backstage before Fleegle arrives and murders Thadd by sawing him in half. Fleegle leaves Poppy when he hears Harley and Zoe looking for Snorky, taking them to the workshop. He traps them with Parker, who Bingo kidnapped after Jonathan’s face was burned by Drooper when they were looking for Andy for an audition. Beth, Austin, Paige and Rebecca learn about the Banana Splits’ carnage after finding a seriously injured Jonathan. While Paige finds all phones disconnected and the confiscated cells destroyed, Beth manages to defeat Bingo before she and Austin find Poppy and convince her to join them. Meanwhile, Harley, Zoe and Parker meet the Banana Splits’ creator Karl, who considers his creations’ actions justified by the show’s cancellation and conflicts over freeing the children. Drooper brings Bingo for repair, causing Karl to get distracted enough for the kids to escape and lock him in his own cell. At the same time, Rebecca and Jonathan are forced to participate in the show’s obstacle course, with Jonathan stabbed to death by Fleegle in the back with a key while Rebecca wins before Drooper smashes her face with a giant hammer. While looking for a way out, Harley, Zoe and Parker come across Snorky and convince him to help them. Beth, Austin, Paige and Poppy arrive at the workshop to ask Karl how to stop the Banana Splits. He doesn’t provice any information, but the group hears music coming from a hatch in the floor. The others go down while Poppy notices the mask of an unused fifth Banana Splits named “Hooty”. Losing her sanity, she puts on parts of the costume and kills Karl as revenge for Thadd’s death. Finding the underground passage littered with the corpses of Doug, the studio’s staff and the adult audience members, the group find Fleegle and Drooper holding children hostage while performing gruesome variants of their acts, like burning Stevie’s corpse and brutally murdering Andy by ripping his limbs off during a crucifixion. Snorky arrives and chains Harley, Zoe and Parker with the other kids, but secretly gives Harley the keys to free them. Parker guides all the kids to the exit while Beth and Austin manage to kill Fleegle and Drooper. They meet up with Paige and Zoe before being cornered by Bingo. Suddenly, Snorky attacks Bingo and manages to crush his head, killing him before dying from critical damage sustained during the fight. As the police and paramedics arrive to attend survivors, Austin and Paige start a romantic relationship while Beth divorces a heavily injured Mitch. Left behind, Mitch gets run over again, this time being killed by Poppy with the Banana Splits’ remains in the back. As she drives while humming The Banana Splits’ theme song, Fleegle is seen reactivating and then laughing maniacally.[Wikipedia]

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