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The Silence (2019)

The Silence (2019)

The Silence (2019) Movie Details:

Genre Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Starring –  Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto

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Language– English

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StoryLine- .The story of a family struggling to survive in a world terrorized by a deadly, primeval species who have evolved for millions of years in the pitch darkness of a vast underground cave system, hunting only with their acute hearing. As the family seeks refuge in a remote haven where they can wait out the invasion, they start to wonder what kind of world will remain when they’re ready to emerge.

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Movie Plot: .A cave research team unearths an unknown species of blind pterosaur-like creature, referred to as “vesps”, from a mine. The vesps violently kill the researchers, fly out of the mine, and seek the noisiest areas. Ally, a teenage girl who lost her hearing and both paternal grandparents in a car accident, lives with her parents Hugh and Kelly Andrews; her maternal grandmother Lynn, who has terminal lung cancer; her brother Jude; and their dog Otis. As the news of the vesp outbreak spreads, the US government declares a state of emergency and urges people to stay indoors and be quiet. Ally suggests they head to the countryside, which is likely to be quieter. Glenn, Hugh’s best friend, joins them and brings his guns. They set out in two cars. While stopping to refuel, Ally walks Otis. A stranger appears and threatens to shoot Otis if they don’t stop him from barking. Glenn shoots the man in the leg, and they drive away. The group hits a massive traffic jam, blocking all the interstates, and Glenn goes off-road. Speeding through the countryside, Glenn’s car hits a herd of fleeing deer and tumbles down the embankment. He survives but is trapped in the car. Hugh and Kelly fail to free him, and Glenn asks Hugh to leave with his family. As the Andrews family return to their car, Otis barks, attracting the vesps, who attack the car. Glenn fires his gun, leading them away from the Andrews’ car, sacrificing himself. To keep his family safe, Hugh is forced to let the family dog out of the car because he continued barking and attracting the vesps. Ally holds her dad and cries while the rest of the family console each other. Hugh goes outside of the car after the vesps seemed to have left, presumably to grab a tire iron in the road. Unfortunately, Lynn begins to have an asthma attack and starts coughing. While Jude struggles to get her inhaler, Hugh quietly grabs the tire iron and chucks it down the road to attract the Vesp. The vesp attacks it, and Hugh quietly gets back into the car. After he returns, he tells the family that the creatures can not see, only hear. So they can not talk, whisper, or text. Ally says that they all know how to live in silence. After agreeing, Hugh says that they need to find shelter before it gets dark. Hugh leads his family on foot after setting Glenn’s car on fire as a decoy. Lynn struggles to keep up, but her illness makes her weak. They decide to stop at the top of the hill, as they all need some rest. Jude spots a house in the countryside. The family heads towards it and finds a high fence with a locked gate. Their arrival shakes some bells and alerts the homeowner, who, unaware of the situation, comes out to defend her land. In doing so, she speaks and attracts the Vesps. They attack and kill her. The family uses a storm drain to enter the house. A rattlesnake in the drain scares Jude, and he struggles to keep quiet; unfortunately, the sounds of the snake begins to attract unwanted attention, ultimately resulting in vesps biting into Kelly’s leg. Hugh distracts them by turning on a woodchipper, crushing the vesps flying into it, and the family enters the house. While the others rest, Ally contacts her boyfriend, Rob, who tells her that his parents are dead. She also learns that religious cults have sprung up in the wake of the disaster. By morning, Kelly’s wound is infected, so Hugh and Ally leave to find antibiotics. While at the store, Ally discovers vesp eggs growing inside corpses. Returning home, the tongueless Reverend of a cult called “the Hushed” fails to recruit them. The Reverend snarls as Hugh and Ally walk away. They return with the antibiotics, and Kelly recovers. Ally learns from the Internet that vesps can not survive in the cold. The Reverend finds the family’s hide-out and shows up with a group of his followers, asking for Hugh’s family to join them. Hugh politely asks them to leave, at which point the Reverend reveals his interest in Ally’s fertility. Hugh brings out his gun, forcing the cultists to leave. Rob briefly contacts Ally, letting her know he is headed north to “the Refuge”. Hugh and Kelly wake up in the night and find a little girl at the door. After letting her in, they find she is a member of the Hushed. Phones strapped to her and placed around the house go off, attracting vesps. The Hushed abduct Ally, but Lynn runs outside to help her. Lynn holds Ally’s captors down and screams; vesps attack and kill her and the captors while Ally escapes. Other Hushed members take Ally at knifepoint. Hugh, Kelly and Jude fight back, and the struggle is not heard by the vesps due to a thunderstorm. They manage to kill most of the Hushed (they spare the girl and her apparent caretaker, who then go their separate ways), although Hugh is wounded. Several weeks later, the remaining Andrews family trek across America and eventually arrive at the Refuge. Ally finds Rob, and together they hunt the vesps with arrows. Ally wonders whether the vesps will adapt to the cold, or humans will adapt to a soundless lifestyle, like she did.[Wikipedia]

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