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Triple Threat (2019)

Triple Threat (2019)

Triple Threat (2019) Movie Details:

Genre Action | Thriller

Starring –  Tony Jaa, Tiger Hu Chen, Iko Uwais

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Language– English

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StoryLine- .When a billionaire’s daughter intent on bringing down a major crime syndicate is targeted by a group of professional assassins, a team of mercenaries must stop them before they kill her.

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Movie Plot: .Deveraux enlists Payu and Long Fei, who are mercenaries, for a humanitarian mission in Thailand to free prisoners. Unknown to Payu and Long Fei’s, Deveraux and his crew (Mook, Joey, Steiner and Dom) want to free their leader, Collins, a terrorist. Deveraux and his crew shoot up the village, waking up Jaka, who sees his wife get shot multiple times. During the ensuing chaos, Payu and Jaka fight. Before the victor could be determined, Mook shoots a grenade at Jaka, injuring him heavily and knocking him out. Deveraux frees Collins, and Collins kills his captor. Deveraux double crosses Payu and Long Fei to tie up loose ends, knocking them down into a cage. Collins sets a bomb to burn down the evidence. Payu and Long Fei free the prisoners and barely escape. In the aftermath, Jaka wakes up and sees his village in shambles. After burying his wife and the villagers, he swears vengeance against Payu and the people responsible for the destruction of his village. A few days later, Jaka learns that Payu and Long Fei are participating in an illegal boxing ring in Maha Jaya. After Payu defeats a boxer, Jaka and Long Fei face off. Long Fei beats Jaka, but Payu recognizes him as the villager he fought a few days ago. After healing Jaka and giving him food, Jaka gets them drunk and calls the cops. Payu and Long Fei are arrested and sent to the Central Police Station. A philanthropist named Tian Xiao Xian arrives in Maha Jaya. Xiao Xian plans to donate money to charity to purge the city’s corruption. Su Feng orders Collins and his crew to kill her, due to Xiao Xian being an obstacle to Su Feng’s criminal activities. As Madame Liang plans takes Xiao Xian to the Chinese Embassy, Collins and his crew arrive and attempt to kill her. In the process many local bodyguards are killed, Madame Liang is injured but not before gunning down Dom and telling Xiao Xian that she must go to the Central Police Station, as that is the only place she will be safe. Xiao Xian arrives at the police station to get help, but they do not understand her due to language barrier. The police take Long Fei to her and interrogate Payu in another room. Meanwhile, Collins and his crew arrive at the police station after a tip from Jaka. As Payu fights Steiner, Jaka shoots Steiner in the back, allowing Payu to kill Steiner. Jaka reveals that he is on their side and had Payu and Long Fei arrested to draw Collins out. Long Fei fights against Joey and beats him, escaping with Payu and Xiao Xian. Jaka kills Mook by blowing her up with a grenade launcher, then meets up with Collins to ally with him, acting as a mole. After barely escaping from Collins twice, Payu calls Collins and offers to trade Xiao Xian for $100,000 and his freedom, asking to meet at the old Poker House. Collins agrees but tells his crew and Jaka to use all their remaining money to hire shooters to kill them instead. Payu goes to his old boss and convinces him to give them weapons. Long Fei and Xiao Xian meets up with Collins and his crew at the location, while Payu swiftly guns down all the shooters. In the ensuing chaos, Long Fei knocks out Joey by smashing a brick on his head and helps Jaka kill Deveraux. After Jaka calls the Chinese ambassador and reveals where Xiao Xian is, he tries to help Payu beat Collins, but he is too much for them. Jaka is kicked off the balcony by Collins. Collins finds Xiao Xian and tries to shoot her, but Long Fei jumps in, taking the bullet. Payu arrives and finally kills Collins. Joey wakes up and is about to shoot Payu when Xiao Xian kills him. The next day, Su Feng is arrested. Madame Liang finds Xiao Xian and reveals that Jaka was the one who gave them their location. Madame Liang takes Xiao Xian to the Chinese Embassy, and Payu and Long Fei jokingly berate Jaka for nearly getting them all killed.[Wikipedia]

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